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How to Setup a Top Loading Bobbin

Before buying a sewing machine, of course, you will focus on finding various information about the advantages and disadvantages of the sewing machine. One of the information you need to know is about using top loading bobbin or front loading bobbin. In my experience the easiest is to use a top loading bobbin.

source : google.com

Difference between top bobbin and bottom bobbin

Top Bobbin

- transparent, easy to see

- easy pairing

- there is no thread house

Botton bobbin

- not transparent, so if it runs out, it's hard to see

- The pair is difficult, you have to open the table, dig into it ...

- there is still a thread house

Although both have their advantages and disadvantages with each other, for beginners I would recommend using a top loading bobbin for the features available on the sewing machine that is going to be purchased. Why ? because the top loading bobbin can simplify your work later without the need for an additional bobbing cassing installation place because it is included in the top loading bobbin itself.

The way to use this top loading bobbin is as follows:

1. Prepare the spool of yarn that will be used.

2. Open the lid of the top loading bobbin on your portable sewing machine.

3. Link the yarn with the portable bobbin cassing

4. Pull the lower thread using the upper needle.

Use one hand to hold the top thread. Then use your other hand to turn the handwheel toward you until you see the needle start moving to the part of the needle plate and start picking up the thread below it.

Happy sewing

Review Sewing Machine Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

In this post I will share an easy way to use the Singer Quntum style 9960 sewing machine. This sewing machine is a portable type that has many functions and is very suitable for the home sewing industry. The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 makes sewing easy with 600 patterns, 60 decorative patterns and the alphabet. One of the advantages of this sewing machine is that it indulges users in using its features instantly and easily. With one touch all the features will function as specified.

Apart from having the advantages as above, Singer Quantum 9960 also has disadvantages, one of which is that the user cannot save the settings that have been made. The setting will disappear once the sewing machine is turned off. But in terms of quality, the functions that have been provided are very suitable for both beginners and advanced levels.

The design of the sewing machine is very nice and elegant, besides having a good appearance, this machine is also equipped with a handle and also a cover to avoid dust after use. The thread fixing is located at the top with a cover to protect it from dust. The position of the thread is horizontal and for fixing the thread to the needle it is equipped with directions that are easy to follow. Likewise for winding the thread which is located at the top as well.

Before using this singert quantum sewing machine, first study the manual provided. Starting from how to turn it on, how to use motifs and also the alphabet, how to roll threads and how to sew various forms of seam shoes that are very easy and practical to use.

Common Features


Singer Quantum Style 9960        


Work light, dust cover, Top load bobbin


Reverse, Free Arm   

Number of Needle




Noise level

76 db  

Needle threading system

Automatic, Thread sensors, Automatic thread cutter

Please note, sewing machines are tools that can be used in the long run. Therefore, in the selection, adjust it to your needs. there are so many sewing machines that we can find and each product will definitely offer various advantages. For clothing business owners or boutiques, they definitely need a sewing machine with good specifications, but if it is only used at home, choose this singer quantum style 9960 sewing machine which has very good specifications.


The Best of Sewing Machines 2020

Towards the end of this year 2020, in the following post we will present the best sewing machines we have ever used in the simple sewing business in our shop. Maybe for beginners this machine can be one of the main choices in opening a sewing business.

source : google.com

Of the various models available at that time, portable or manual sewing machines were still worth buying according to the needs and businesses that were being worked on. Automatic machines that use electricity as the main supporting medium in the sewing process are worth updating. Likewise, the preparation of a manual sewing machine that does not use electric current as the main source is also worth preparing at least, one of which is to support the smooth running of the sewing process when the electric current is problematic.

For portable models and small businesses at home, we recommend the Janome machine with the x220 type. Where for beginners I highly recommend this machine because besides being resistant to the sewing process in a rather thick area, this machine is also equipped with 22 stitch models that can be an option for beginners who are just learning to sew. With this Janome x220 machine, it is very easy to use for sewing clothes or making hijabs. This machine supports a variety of sewing shoes, ranging from regular or straight shoes, seams, zig zag shoes, button shoes, buttonhole shoes, elastic rubber shoes, shoes for sewing bisbans as well as several other shoe functions that are generally used to make it easier for tailors. in using this simple model sewing machine. The price ranges from $ 187.


Janome portable sewing machine 2200xt new 2020 included hard cover household sewing machine

Type: 2200xt Best Beginer

watts: 60

Brand: Japan

Assembly: THAILAND

The 2200XT sewing machine is equipped with several accessories, such as: Zigzag Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Foot buttons, needles and many more Large fabrics and some can be sewn easily using the Janome 2200XT. In addition, this machine is also easy to carry. Lightweight.

The Janome 2200XT machine is highly recommended for all types of fabrics, this sewing machine can also be used for beginners and advanced because this machine is very easy to use by all people.


How to thread a sewing machine?

Sewing machines are the key to making clothes. We can easily now find on the market various models of sewing machines to suit any budget. From the ideal sizes for small machines, to the most sophisticated, with a wide range of profiles, in fact they all have one thing in common: thread and needle.

The first step is to identify the type of machine you have. whether a manual machine or already using a portable sewing machine. although the location and shape are sometimes a little different, but in essence everything has been made and set with almost the same goals and directions.

source : google.com

On today's portable machines, we only need to follow the instructions and the direction of the thread entry according to what has been made in their respective sections. so there is no way it will go wrong if we follow according to the instructions.

Usually the thread guides are simple, made of metal, and are positioned at the top of the machine before the thread passes before reaching the needle.

Before starting to use it, the machine must be observed in an offline condition. it is important to unplug the machine from the outlet like this janome x220 machine.


How to Make a Hair Scrunchies

This simple hair tie is very easy to make. By choosing a hair tie that matches your outfit, you will look more fashionable in your outfit.

When we work according to passion, it makes us work comfortably. Moreover, the work we do can make the heart itself and those around us happy. The advantage of sharing this pleasure is that we will get a side stage that can become our business capital at work.

Where did the idea to make this hair tie come from? Of course this is just a dream of my wife who wants to make her own hair tie from the leftover material for sewing the hijab in my shop. Then I try to practice the desire of the wife in a simple project for my wife. Hopefully besides being fun, later this simple hair tie can make my daily additions from a tailor.

Making this simple hair tie can use a sewing machine or you can use glue if you can't use a sewing machine. it is very simple and easy because of how to make it. But in this tutorial, I will only share how to make a hair tie using a sewing machine ... ^ _ ^

The easy way to make a hair tie from this patchwork material is as follows:

1. Cut the fabric, length 150 cm, width is 18 cm

2. Unite the ends of the ends, then sew the sides and leave about 2 cm for the part that will be inserted in the elastic.

3. Pull the right side out. Put a safety pin on one end and tie the pin through the inside of the tube and pull it out at the opposite end.

4. Attach an elastic pin to one end and pull it until it meets the other end. then sew both of them

Finally tie the signs can be used.....Goodslook. ^_^


How to Create a Safe Crib

What should be grateful for, the presence of the baby in the family makes the atmosphere more colorful. As a sense of gratitude, it is very appropriate for us to prepare a comfortable place for him. One of them is by making a baby box.

source : pinterest.com

Baby crib is a special place made for babies to sleep and play. besides convenience, for the safety of the baby is one of the reasons for making this baby box. In its use, the baby box is used from birth to 3 years old. For the comfort of the baby, please pay attention to the size of the area of ​​this box, because if it is too narrow it will make it difficult for the baby to move. Maybe as a guide here I suggest making the size 60 - 70 cm. The box must be made not tenuous. so that the baby's head does not get caught.

For Create a Safe Crib, what must be considered are:

- The fabric has soft and strong characteristics.

- Using a waterproof mattress

- The mattress used should not be too soft. because it can make the baby drown.

- Make sure the cloth used is free of toxic materials.

- Use a mosquito net whose length is bigger than the box.


Sewing Tools and Supplies are Very Important

Sewing is a creativity that needs development, not only developing creativity and ability in sewing, but also need tools or tools for sewing so that we are more productive and optimal in producing stitches.

When we start learning how to sew, it will be very tedious and it costs a little bit to buy a sewing kit. Choose the sewing tools you need and create your own sewing kit.

The sewing tools that need to be prepared are as follows:

1. Sewing Machine

Sewing machine is the main tool for opening a sewing business. There are portable models and some are still manual. depending on our ability to buy it as needed.

2. Manual Book 

The sewing machine manual book is the most important tool that you must have in sewing so that you can get knowledge about the sewing machine you are using. With this sewing machine manual book, it will be easier to find out some functions for using a sewing machine.

In function, all sewing machines may be the same between portable sewing machines and manual sewing machines, but to understand the capabilities of your sewing machine, you need a manual.

3. Sewing machine Foot

In some sewing jobs, we need to have some sewing machine Foot that we can use to adjust the stitch results to the model and motif that suits our needs. By default, straight sewing is the main requirement, but apart from that, there are several stitch models that we need to use sewing shoes for. One of them is if we use stitch motifs for zig zag, attaching shirt buttons, making button holes, or sewing the edges of the hijab according to the desired motif.

Shoes on portable sewing machines have various types and functions.

4. Sewing Meter

Measuring clothes meter is also one of the most important things in sewing, this tool is very useful for determining the size desired by your customer. Short and long stitch results depend on the initial measurement. So the measurement must be really accurate and certain so that the stitch results are in accordance with what you want.

Clothing measuring meter Very useful for work in the fashion, tailor or clothing industry, to measure the material to be cut, sewn or measure the body.

5. Seam Ripper

The habit of beginners who are learning to sew is the occurrence of errors in the sewing process. To avoid mistakes in repairing stitches, this seam ripper is needed. Use the Seam ripper to remove unwanted stitches.

The smooth seam ripper tip allows you to select single threads, while the rounded end allows you to untangle the stitch along the seam without tearing the fabric. From this sewing repair experience, later you will easily understand how to use the correct seam ripper.


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