How to Setup a Top Loading Bobbin

Before buying a sewing machine, of course, you will focus on finding various information about the advantages and disadvantages of the sewing machine. One of the information you need to know is about using top loading bobbin or front loading bobbin. In my experience the easiest is to use a top loading bobbin.

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Difference between top bobbin and bottom bobbin

Top Bobbin

- transparent, easy to see

- easy pairing

- there is no thread house

Botton bobbin

- not transparent, so if it runs out, it's hard to see

- The pair is difficult, you have to open the table, dig into it ...

- there is still a thread house

Although both have their advantages and disadvantages with each other, for beginners I would recommend using a top loading bobbin for the features available on the sewing machine that is going to be purchased. Why ? because the top loading bobbin can simplify your work later without the need for an additional bobbing cassing installation place because it is included in the top loading bobbin itself.

The way to use this top loading bobbin is as follows:

1. Prepare the spool of yarn that will be used.

2. Open the lid of the top loading bobbin on your portable sewing machine.

3. Link the yarn with the portable bobbin cassing

4. Pull the lower thread using the upper needle.

Use one hand to hold the top thread. Then use your other hand to turn the handwheel toward you until you see the needle start moving to the part of the needle plate and start picking up the thread below it.

Happy sewing

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